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What's new in BattleStick 2?
  • [CHANGELOG] V2.0.1 26/09/2020

    Added an announcement system which can be found in the Lobby; added interface key : Press P to hide your interface, and reworked Magic Wand : decreased projectile speed by 10% + increased reloading time from 2s to 2.25s. Full changelog here

  • [CHANGELOG] V2.0.0 - Steam Release 24/09/2020

    Good news! The game has finally released on Steam just about NOW! Head over to Steam to try the game. We would also appreciate if you would give us a positive Steam review if you truly enjoy and support the game!

  • [CHANGELOG] V2.0.0 - Pre-Steam Release 23/09/2020

    Added a Coins to Diamonds conversion system; Desert Deep (new CP map); Dark Elf (new stickman skin); Dark Bow (new weapon skin), along with reworking Boomerang and Stickiller.

  • [CHANGELOG] V2.0.0 - Pre-Steam Release 18/09/2020

    Added headgear display feature which can be found in Settings; reworked Ice Plains and improved network performance.